Updated obniz Cloud functions. Now you can operate multiple devices at once and transfer devices between users!

We have expanded the functions for device management and account settings in obniz Cloud (Developer Console).

We have added convenient functions for device management such as viewing logs, batch operation of multiple devices, and device transfer function.

For more information, please see the following.

Updated device management functions

The device management features of the developer console have been expanded. In addition to the existing functions, the following new functions are now available as standard.

-List of additional functions

Additional functionsWhat you can do
Connection LogIn addition to the last 5 logs, you can view the connection logs of cloud and websocket APIs by specifying the last 24 hours or date.
Bluk operationYou can select multiple devices and perform the following operations at once.
– Status update (Active/Inactive)
– Security settings (access tokens)
– obnizOS remote installation (OTA)
– Device Transfer
Device TransferManagement rights can be transferred between your teams or between obniz users only on official devices.
Deleting devicesOnly devices with subscription licenses can be deleted from your account.
Importing device settingsBatch import (configuration) of device settings such as application settings in csv format.
Add display itemsYou can now check Mac Address and license in the device list.

– 24-hour display of connection logs and viewing of past logs/export of csv

You can check the device connection to the obniz cloud and the Websocket API connection log from the setting detail screen of the device you own. The connection status will be displayed graphically based on the logs for the past 24 hours. The last 5 logs are also displayed.

About Log

– Bluk operation

You can now select multiple devices and perform status changes, security settings (access tokens), and remote OS installation all at once.

– Device Transfer

For official devices only (*), you can transfer control of devices associated with your account to your team or other users’ accounts.

*Devices such as obniz boards and BLE/Wi-Fi gateways that are sold with a dedicated OS written on them.

About Device Transfer

・Deleting devices

Only devices with subscription license(*) can be removed from your account. Once removed, the device (obnizID) will be permanently disabled.

*To write and use obnizOS and device key on any device.

・Import of device settings via CSV

Device descriptions and app settings can be registered/updated together by importing CSV for the settings.

About CSV import

Account and Payment Information

Additional FeaturesWhat you can do
Two-factor authenticationYou can use two-step verification when signing in with Email and password.
The two-factor authentication setting will be applied by default when you register a new account.
Add/remove payment methodsIn addition to the default card, you can register a second credit card.
We have also added a function to delete card information (when two payment information are registered).

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is available for sign-in using Email and password.
By setting up Two-factor authentication, you can take security measures against brute force attacks and password leaks.

This can be configured from the account settings in the developer console.

About Two-factor authentication

・Ability to register/delete a second credit card

You can register up to two credit cards from the payment setting in the developer console.
The payment will be processed for the credit card with the “default” notation.