obnizOS 4.1.0 Released

obnizOS 4.1.0 released. The latest OS update is available today. Please check the article for details including the target OS.

Available OS

  • obnizOS for obniz BLE/Wi-Fi Gateway Gen 2.0 ( hw=blewifi_gw2 )
  • obnizOS for obniz BLE/LTE Gateway(Cat.4) ( hw=blelte_gw2 )
  • obnizOS for AK-030 LTE Cat.M1 USB Dongle ( hw=ak030 )

Network settings related


  • Added the ability to enter setting mode at any time with a long press of the button after startup
  • Support for obniz BLE/LTE Gateway (Cat.4) browser setting screen

CUI settings screen

  • Improved usability by presetting hardware settings for each device and omitting settings.

Browser settings

  • Improved stability on Android and Windows
  • Disabled double operation of connect button to prevent malfunction
  • Fixed a bug that no-communication timeout did not work when opening the browser settings screen
  • Extended restart timeout from 20 seconds to 30 seconds when there is more than one network setting

Network Connection (LTE)

  • Correction of the phenomenon that AK-030 may keep rebooting due to short communication timeout period when connected to LTE.
  • Correction of communication command format with LTE modem
  • Modification of request format to cloud when connecting to LTE
  • Added “Wake up” status to the status before connection
  • Fixed the phenomenon that AK-030 reboots with communication error in slow communication speed environment after network connection.
  • Supported SIM setting that does not require id/password


  • Fixed to enable port listen for local connect only when necessary
  • Fixed to connect with WiFi set by WPS when WPS succeeds on a device with cellular settings saved.
  • Fixed crash and restart after 10 minutes of no connection.
  • Updated no-communication timeout when disconnected from the cloud from 1.5 minutes to 10 minutes


  • Support scan filter for extended advertising and periodic advertising on BLE devices.

Known Issues

  • The device with Wi-Fi MESH settings is not going online