obniz.js 3.14.0 Released

Today, we released obniz.js 3.14.0.

Now we support new parts include CO2 concentration sensor, blood pressure monitor, relay, and temperature/humidity sensor. And also we have made various bug fixes.


Add New Parts

  • RS_BTWATTCH2, a power consumption meter for electrical outlets
  • UA651BLE, a blood pressure meter
  • UA1200BLE, a blood pressure meter
  • MH_Z19B, CO2 concentration sensor
  • Grove_Relay (Thanks for @1ft-seabass )
  • Grove_SHT35Sensor (Thanks for @1ft-seabass )

Update Parts

  • Added low-pass filter to LM35DZ and Keyestudio_TemperatureSensor.


  • Change CI service Travis to GithubActions
  • obniz.closeWait was called during connection closed, it will stop to try connect to obniz.com.
  • Ignore BLE MTU Exchange wait error when remote device don’t request.


  • Fix Ble onPairedCallback was not called when using LTK.
  • Fix error messages for 2JCIE, ENERTALK parts.
  • Fix Ethernet module W5500 receiving the same data multiple times.