obniz.js 3.23.0 released | Added “MESH” Blocks to obniz Parts library

obniz.js 3.23.0 has been released with BLE-related functional improvements and additional supported parts.

obniz.js 3.23.0


  • Support ble service data
  • Add BLE hci timeout error message
  • Ble data take care about the significant figures.


  • BLE notify setting some device cannot set (If device cannot support 2902 descriptor).


  • Add new parts MESH Blocks
  • Add new parts MM_BLEBC5
  • Fix Puls08M5stickcS example
  • Support RS_BTEVS1 firmware 1.1.2

Added “MESH” Blocks to obniz Parts library

Starting with this release of obniz.js, “MESH blocks” will be supported.

By combining the various blocks of “MESH” with the various functions of obniz’s IoT platform, you can realize a full-fledged IoT system that can be used in practice in conjunction with sensors, cloud computing, and various web services.


MESH × obniz, sample articles of introductory production were created (Japanese articles only).

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