obniz.js 3.15.0 Released

We released obniz.js 3.15.0.
Added new parts and fixed around obniz connection state.

Added at 23:30, May 12, 2021
In v3.15.0, there was a problem that the log kept appearing when the obniz device was offline. The fixed v3.15.1 has been released.


Add New Parts

  • 2jcie-BU01

Update Parts


  • obniz.util.createCanvasContext cannot use.
  • async function name added suffix wait (no-suffix functions are available for compatibility)


  • Update: Chagne Connection storategy
  • Update: Change error stacktrace when obniz Offline Error/ BLE Timeout Error
  • Add: Throw error if you use obniz peripherals when obniz is not connected

For Developers

  • Update: Use eslint/eslint-plugin-tslint instead of tslint
  • Update: CI settings
  • Update: remove src folder from npm package