Update of obniz Cloud

We have added some useful features to obniz Cloud.

[New] Team


What is a team?

Team accounts are useful when managing obniz in an organization.
A team account is a single, independent account that allows authorized members of the organization to view and modify the settings of a single device.

Team accounts can be created for free.

For example:

Joint Development/Collaborative Research

Information sharing between development team and local staff

Collaborative production in hackathons, hands-on and workshops

– Manage devices by organizations

Multiple members can view and change the settings/status of a single device (obniz).

– Sharing information with external members

It can be used to communicate the status of a device to external members by using read-only permissions.

・Adding billing information for Team

You can register different payment information for your team account than for your personal account.

Creating a team

Log in to the developer console with the account of the person who will be the owner of the team.
Select the “Create a new team” menu from the user icon menu on the upper right.

For more information about team accounts, please see the following page.


[New] Check device MAC addresses

You can check the MAC address of the device in the device management screen of the developer console. The MAC address will also be included in the exported CSV.


*MAC addresses can only be displayed for devices that have been connected to the cloud since a specific version of the OS.

Add a template for Apps

The obniz app can be developed on the obniz cloud.
A browser application can be used in the same way as a conventional HTML program editor or block program editor.

Browser App

Pre-programmed templates are available for the browser application.

Template selection screen

In addition to apps that use the obniz Board and M5StickC, we have now added new templates for apps that use BLE/Wi-Fi gateways and ESP32.

You can send and receive UARTs, acquire and graph temperature, etc., by simply executing the template program. You can also modify the program to create your own application.

App development is available from the App Development in the Developer’s Console.