obnizOS 3.4.4 & obniz.js 3.12.0 Released

Meet New obnizOS, obniz.js.
obnizOS was increase stability, and obniz.js added onloop and colseWait functions.

obnizOS 3.4.4


Available OS

  • obnizOS for obniz Board ( hw=obnizb1 )
  • obnizOS for obniz Board 1Y ( hw=obnizb2 )
  • obnizOS for obniz BLE/Wi-Fi Gateway ( hw=encored )
  • obnizOS for CONNECT HUB Cellular Model ( hw=encored_lte )
  • obnizOS for BLE Stick ( hw=ble_stick )
  • obnizOS for M5StickC ( hw=m5stickc )
  • obnizOS for M5Stack Basic ( hw=m5stack_basic )
  • obnizOS for ATOM Lite ( hw=m5atom_lite )
  • obnizOS for ESP32 ( hw=esp32w or hw=esp32p )



  • Improve reconnection time after disconnection when Wi-Fi Access point was missed at scanned time.
  • Improve hang monitoring more fast detection.
  • Improve stop rebooting when Wi-Fi lost.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix Failed to connect static IP on some cases.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix Crash occures when under heavy communication.

obnizjs 3.12.0



  • Add support nodejs 14, and drop support nodejs 9, 10
  • Add support metadata
  • Add obniz.onloop
  • Add obniz.closeWait to wait connection close and deprecate obniz.close
  • export all class types from index
  • Add Obniz.isValidObnizId to check obnizId string
  • Add support to call periphral.disconnectWait() before connect as ble central mode.
  • Update ble connection parameter for more stable connectivity and connection establish


  • Fix document parameter names
  • Fix return Buffer object when characteristics was written as ble peripheral mode.
  • Fix some ble device cannot pairing if it send paring request immediately after establish connection.


  • add Grove_WaterLevelSensor, Grove_GestureSensor (thanks for @1ft-seabass )
  • add more support 2jcie to get more sensor data from advertisement (USB Type Device)
  • update Loggtta_CO2, Loggtta_temp check device function more accurate
  • fix scbtgaaac sensor data