July 22 Release

Plugin is now available

A plugin is an extension that allows you to do things that were not possible in obniz, such as offline processing and fast IO control, by writing a program.

There are following advantages by using plugin functions.

  • You can make your program do a specific action when offline.
  • It can be operated without being affected by the network, such as when you want to control IO at high speed.
  • You can take advantage of the Arduino library.

You can use plugins by creating a program you want to run with Arduino IDE and inserting it into the device you want to run.

You can add your own functions to obnizOS by using plugins. You can also use OTA to install a plugin to any device you want.

See the documents for details.

Develop plugins

The Arduino IDE allows you to develop your own plugins at your disposal. Using Arduino libraries to enhance obniz’s capabilities. You can use the plugin on your device.

obniz.js 3.7.0

  • Bug fix for repeat
  • Support for plugin
  • Add multiple parts, such as groves

obniz Docs design improvements

The Guides page and Sample Codes page were improved.

The Guides top provides easy access to Lessons and Documents.

On the Sample Codes page, you can find sample code by purpose, such as “Show Graphically”, “Data storage”, “Alert / Notification” and so on.