July 1st Released

obnizOS 3.3.0

New Features

  • Connected Wi-Fi (SSID) can be viewed in the cloud

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in device side filtering of BLE scans
  • Fixed a bug in the password input screen of obniz Board 1Y


obnizOS 1 device FREE

The cloud usage fee for devices with obnizOS installed is now free for one device.

obnizOS is now free!

obnizOS for M5Stack

Free install to obnizOS for M5Stack Basic.
Support for integration with obniz cloud and display display.

Go to the M5Stack Docentation

Improvements to obniz Cloud

– API key

  • Enabling to issue tokens that use obniz cloud API Easier to get device list, create devices, etc.
  • No need to specify an access token per device, just an API key to connect


– Improved device list display/setting

  • (OS 3.3.0 or later only) Display SSID and strength of connected Wi-Fi in the device list and device management screen .
  • Support for display of Global IP/Local IP of the device in the device configuration screen.

Minor change

  • WebApp Token can now connect to obniz
  • Removing devicesInConfig from install in GraphQL API
  • Add a file type filter in the repository list