Notify Slack if the temperature is too high.

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Notify Slack when the room temperature goes over 35℃ with a temperature sensor.


How to make

Hardware connection

Connect a temperature sensor(MCP9701) to an obniz Board like the table and the image below by referring to the temperature sensor(MCP9701) Library.

obniz temperature sensor (MCP9701)
2 Vcc




Run the program every hour. Notify Slack if the room temperature goes over 35℃.

Setting up Slack

First, get a Webhook URL to send a message to Slack from here. Select the channel you want to send your message to, and then note the Webhook URL.

Replace the WEBHOOK_URL_HERE (code.js line11) with the Webhook URL.

The program calls Webhook URL using ajax of jQuery in the below part of the sendToSlack function.

Please read jQuery.ajax() | jQuery API Documentation for details about ajax.

  type: "POST",
  dataType: "json",
  url: url,
  processData: false,
  data: "payload=" + dataJson
  function(data) {},
  function(XMLHttpRequest, textStatus, errorThrown) {
    console.log("post to bot");

Setting Serverless Events

Setting up a serverless event, you can run the program automatically on a regularly.

First, save the program at your repository of developer’s console. Then, if you click on “Create New,” you will reach this page like below.

Event Name. (favorite name)
WebApp to run The program you just saved.
Trigger Select Repetition
This time, select to run it every hour.

When you have completed the above, click the “Create” button to finish.
The program will now run every hour and notify Slack if it is over 35℃.