obnizOS 3.2.1 Released

obnizOS3.2.1 has been released and the obnizOS3 series is now subject to automatic OTA.
This release includes an update of the TLS certificate.

If you are using TLS in a network environment where Websocket connection is not possible, please connect to the Internet by May 30.

Certificates included in obnizOS3.1.0 and obnizOS3.2.0 will be invalid from 5/30. After that, it will be plain text communication like obniz which is not connected to the OS or account before obnizOS3.1.0. Currently, TLS communication is automatically enabled on the Lite plan and later. (This used to be a feature of the Business plan, but now it is automatically enabled on all devices when you tie obniz to your account).

If you are using obniz in an environment where plain text communication is not possible and your device is not currently connected to the Internet, please do the following

  • Connecting to the Internet and updating
  • Temporarily enabling cleartext communication
  • Connecting to another Wi-Fi capable of cleartext communication and updating

obnizOS 3.2.1

Target devices

  • All devices


  • Communications
    • Updating TLS certificates



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