obniz.js 3.6.1 Released

Today, we released obniz.js 3.6.1.
Now we support new parts include toio’s core cube and support for BLE thermometers.

New Support Devices


  • Add debug log for ble HCI when debugrpint = true
  • Add 90 seconds timeout for ble connectionWait()
  • Add general batteryService into parts “LogttaCO2”. Now can read battery level.
  • Add future hardware support for m5stack_basic
  • Add BLE pairingOption and onPairedCallback.


  • Call onconnect and onclose asynchronous
  • Now added *.map files and TypeScript files into npm package.


  • Fix missing parts MPU6886 (using m5stickc)
  • Fix BLE pairing returns wrong keys.
  • Fix BLE scan filter binary never affect.