obniz.js 3.18.0 released, and other December releases

obniz.js 3.18.0 has been released. New information about products and new feature releases.

obniz.js 3.18.0



  • add obniz.setLoopInterval
  • Update obniz.onloop default interval to 100ms
  • Add getting device network information function (obniz.connected_network)
  • BLE: Commn iBS series , Loggtta series
  • BLE: add ignore mtu exchange option
  • BEL: Add warning if ble scan function’s first arg is wrong
  • BLE: Add function of get BLE connected peripheral (obniz.ble.getConnectedPeripherals )
  • BLE: Add BLE function of wait notify ( RemoteCharacteristics.getNotifyWait )


  • New Parts : iBS03_RH, iBS05H
  • Add: Keyestudio_PIR getWait() function
  • Update: Reduce pwm num of DCMotor

Update document

  • Update PartsDocument: JpegSerialCam,
  • Update BLE Parts typedoc document

[New function] obniz Writer(beta ver.) released

obniz Writer is a software dedicated to writing obnizOS

With a few simple operations, you can now write obnizOS, generate devices, and write device keys.

Write obnizOS by obnizWriter

As of 2021/12, this is a beta version. Please be careful when using it as it may contain unforeseen bugs.

[add documents] Launch a full-scale IoT service with obniz

This document will explain how to use obniz-app-sdk, how to scale, and how to develop and operate a full-fledged service using obniz.

Launch a full-scale IoT service with obniz

[New Products] obniz Board Case

The acrylic case for obniz Board and obnoz Board 1Y is now available.

Now available at the official store. Available in three colors: clear, sky blue, and black (matte).

obniz Board Case
obniz Board 1Y Case

[Function addition and bug fix] obniz Cloud

New functions

  • Cloud Status Page Released
  • Devices:Support Shift JIS character encoding for Export / Import files.
  • Device detail:Displayed both Parent and Root IDs of the MESH Network and added a link to the corresponding device.(*Only for those who subscribe to the MESH usage plan)

Due to this release, there were some display problems in the developer console from December 16 to today. There is no problem in connecting to obniz devices.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to users. We will strengthen our checking system to ensure that this does not happen again in the future.