July 21 Release Note OS 3.5.0 and Cloud features

obnizOS 3.5.0


OS New Features

  • Newly Supported Wi-Fi MESH [Plan subscription required]
  • Cellular supported
  • Network Failover now available for all connectivity.
  • WPA2 Enterprise Support
  • WPS Mode supported
  • Dynamic circuit setting now available.
  • Support for displaying the reason for connection failure/error details when setting up Wi-Fi.
  • Change the way the device connects to the Wi-Fi it is serving.(Details to follow)

Cloud New features /services

*[Plan subscription required]: Please contact us if you wish to use this service.

Changes to be noted

OS 3.5.0 or later, there are additional functions and changes in operation/setting methods.Please note that the setting and operation methods differ depending on the OS version you are using.The following is a list of important changes.

Change the way connect to the Wi-Fi put out by the device

OS 3.5.0 or later, the URL of the setting screen when configuring network settings from a browser has been changed to and the browser now starts up automatically.

You will also need to log in to the settings page with your PassKey.
Please check Setting from Browser for login instructions and default passkey.

There are other additions and changes to various functions such as how to write device settings. Please refer to the following document for details.

Document: Setting

‘Factory Reset’ is no longer available

“Factory Reset” has been changed to “Clear Setting”.

Document: Startup Option

QR sticker specifications changed (BLE Gateway series, others)

The specifications of the QR stickers to be attached to the products will be changed from the products manufactured from August onwards.

デバイス登録用 QRシール仕様変更のお知らせ (Japanese articles only)

The navigation has been rearranged.

Some changes have been made to the navigation layout of the Developer’s console.

  • Create/switch teams: Changed to the top of the left side menu.
  • Personal account information: Always accessible from within the top-right icon.
  • Left side menu: Change the menu to closed by default.