【Notice】New Product “obniz Board 1Y”

We will start selling the new official device “obniz Board 1Y” with new functions.(Release date undecided, Scheduled for December 2019)

About obniz Board 1Y

– Built-in sleep function, operates for 1 year with AA batteries

The sleep function (automatic sleep function) has been added to obniz Board, and it is now possible to wait in a low power consumption state.

It will be possible to maintain operation for more than one year with only the battery (the operation period depends on the startup frequency).

Power ConsumptionSleep 20-30uA
Operating time
1 year with 30 seconds of operation every 6 hours with 3 AA batteries
Start-up Trigger– Elapsed time in minutes
– ON / OFF switching of IO0

obniz Board比較表

The changes with the current obniz Board are as shown in the table below (only the changes are extracted). There are no changes to the hardware specifications other than the following, such as the main processor and the number of IOs.

obniz Boardobniz Board 1Y
obniz Board
obniz Board 1Y
Sizew69.8*h36.3 (mm)w66.6*h36.3 (mm)
Power input / output pinJ1ピンConnector terminal(5V,3.3V,GND)
(J1 pin is abolished)
USB ConnectormicroUSBUSB TypeC
Average power consumption140mA120mA
(Adopt DCDC converter)
Power supply voltage range4.3-5.5v3.3-5.5v
Other functions[Add new]
・Sleep function
・Monitoring and Control of main processor by sub-processor

As of November 2019, the release date is undecided. The release date will be announced on the obniz official website at a later date.