Temperature Logger [WebApp]

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Log temperature sensor data using WebApp.

obniz Boardと温度センサーでリアルタイムな温度グラフ

You can use the obniz WebApp as a prepared app without even creating a program by yourself.
There are some useful tools such as a testing environment.
After an app is installed, you can always access the app and use it anytime.

Temperature Graph WebApp makes it possible to measure temperature every second using a temperature sensor connected to obniz and graph it in real time.


* included in Starter Kit.

How to make

Hardware connection

Connect the temperature sensor to the obniz as below.

obniz temperature sensor
0 signal
1 +V

obniz Boardと温度センサー

[reference] obniz Parts Library (Keyestudio TemperatureSensor)


Install Temperature Graph WebApp.

You name App Name as you like. It might be a good idea to include the location of the temperature sensor in the name.

Input your obniz’s ID for obnizID, and select the type of the sensor.


After setting, connect the obniz to the power and the Internet. Now, you are ready.

obniz Boardと温度センサーでリアルタイムな温度グラフ

It measures temperature about every second and the graph is being updated.

Now you can check temperature anywhere anytime just access obniz via the Internet!