Remote pet feeder

Make things

Do you wanna feed your pets from outdoor?
This is a feeder that can be controlled from the Web.


  • obniz – 1
  • battery or usb adaptor & cable – 1
  • Screw and pipes
  • Servo motor (unlimited rotation) – 1
  • Pet food – as many as possible

How to make

Step 1

Cut pipes and prepare the screw.
This is a sample stl file. you can download and print this by 3D Printer.
Then, Build these things and connect screw to a motor.
And put them into a box.

Step 2

Connect Servo motor to an obniz.

  1. io0: GND,
  2. io1: VCC,
  3. io2: signal

Then power up your obniz.



Put foods to it and Try once.
Foods will be outcome.