Change the blinking interval of the LED [Block program]

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This is a sample when you want to change the time when the LED flashes on and off with the obniz board. Let’s do it with a blocking program.


How to make

Hardware Connection

As with lighting a single LED, insert the LED directly, paying attention to the anode and cathode.


1.First, let’s connect the LED to the obniz.

Use the “Connect the LED to the OBNIZ” block to set up the anode and cathode.

2.Turn off the LED.

The LED flashes on and off repeatedly.

There is a “turn off LED” block in the Light. I will use this.

3.Set the time to keep the light on.

There is a “wait” block in the loops. Use this to set how long you want the light to stay on for.

1000 ms (milliseconds) = 1 second.

4.I’ll even set a time to turn it off.

You can set the time when it is glowing and the time when it is off, respectively. It is now blinking.