(App Ver.) Power-saving Watering Device Using Sleep Feature of the obniz Board 1Y

Make things

The obniz Board 1Y now has a sleep feature. With this feature, you can make a device that runs for a year on batteries only.

This time, we’ll make a program that uses its sleep feature to water regularly.


How to make

Hardware connection

Connect the obniz to the pump as shown in the following table.

obniz pump
0 white cable
1 red cable


Register your obniz Board!

Go to the obniz console and click on “Devices” → “Add Device.

When the dialog opens, click on “Add Bought Device.” Follow the instructions on the screen to register.


Make your App!

Make an app to run the program. You can distribute apps you created and installed and run on each device(Please see App – obniz Docs for more details.)

If you want to run the app first without creating it yourself, install and run the following apps that have already been created.

For installation instructions, see Install an App and the next section, “Install your App on your Device.”


Go to the obniz console and click on “App Development” → “Create WebApp.


Choose “Empty” from the “obniz Board/1Y Templates” and type the name of your app in the window that comes up. Then press “Create New App.”


Edit the app settings. This time, check the “Run on a device become Online” box so that you can run the watering program in the cloud every time the device becomes online.


After updating settings, click on the “Edit Program” to enter the program editing screen.

Then, paste the program in the 省電力水やりシステム link in the “Program” chapter below and save it. Once saved, the application is complete.


Install your App on your device

Install the app you have created on your device. Go to the obniz console and click on “Install.”


Next, select the obniz Board 1Y that you would like to run the program and click on “install.” 


The App automatically runs in the cloud when the device becomes online. In this program, the device wakes up once every 12 hours.

You can check if it’s running properly in the “Device” section of your console. If the app status is green as shown below, the most recent run was successful.



Please see the program of 省電力水やりシステム that have already been created.


The system waters plants once every 12 hours. The obniz Board 1Y will go into sleep after finishing watering.

You can supply power to the obniz Board 1Y from directly input/output pins, not connecting the USB port.


In this way, you can make a power-saving watering device easily using the sleep feature. Even if the device is remote, it’s possible to change the timing of its running from the console. Also, if you replace the sensor with another type of one, all you have to do is simply update the program from the console.