Why obniz is good for STEM education and material companies

1. Wide Coverage of skill levels

JavaScript and Python are modern and easy programming language. But It is mostly used for enterprise Web development. obniz can be used with these languages.

And we also provide Block Programming on our web site. It’s good for people who are not familiar with keyboard typing and coding. It’s simple but advanced blocks are available such as “detecting human face” and “getting weather forecast”.

Convert block program to JavaScript

It block program are converted to JavaScript to be run. And also user can get it and customize to do more deep thing.


JavaScript and Web technology let people customize UI and collaborate UI and hardwares. It keep attract.

2. Smartphone integration to study AI and IoT.

With obniz, people can create more than just electrical making like “tilting a smartphone to control a robot” and “detecting a face to light on”. Because a program people make with obniz runs on smartphone and PC. So people can use so many software resources on the internet.

3. Web Browser Programming

Online Editor for free

obniz provide online editor for free. People can start programming without installing app. A smartphone and tablet is now programming environment. Our cloud-based system helps people to create. For example, It alert on your browser when short circuit was detected on a device.

Educator don’t need to care about setting up programming environment. Just open a page to start programming. It let you focus on teaching programming.

Run immediately without compiling

Editted code runs on your browser. So you don’t need to wait for compiling, flashing.

Some of Our Cases



Roland held hackathon for their employee especially for not engineers.


LINE Clova Hackathon

LINE Clova ハッカソンにobnizを採用

obniz let people to collaborate chat system with hardwares. Finally, all of rank 1 groups use obniz.

LINE Clova ハッカソンレポート

・A college in Yokohama


How to start using obniz

There are two ways to start using obniz.

obniz Board

obniz Board is designed for obniz Cloud. It include cloud license. In hardware aspect, It can drive DC and Servo Motors directly.




obnizOS can run on some device and processors. Install obnizOS then you can use obniz system with your device.



If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.