obniz.js 3.8.0 & obnizOS3.4.2 Released

obniz.js 3.8.0


  • Change URL from obniz.io to obniz.com
  • Show error on user function exception
  • Change ble initialization sequence to serial.


  • Add Encored LTE hardware data.
  • Change BLE communiction timeout 5min to 90sec
  • Fix the ble.scan device’s address target did not work when multiple addresses were set.
  • Fix connection state error when a connection failed during discovery service.


  • Add MiniBreeze
  • Add MT_500BT
  • Add battery service to Enertalk
  • Update grove parts for wired with obniz.grove
  • Fix linking for connect
  • Fix typo humd to humid

obniz.js CHANGELOG

obnizOS 3.4.2

Available OS

  • obnizOS for obniz Board
  • obnizOS for obniz Board 1Y
  • obnizOS for obniz BLE/Wi-Fi Gateway
  • obnizOS for M5StickC
  • obnizOS for M5Stack Basic
  • obnizOS for ESP32


  • obniz BLE/Wi-Fi Gateway status LED color change
    • At OTA Red blinking → Blue fast blinking
    • At the time of web setting: Green blinking → Purple blinking
  • Heat reduction function was set again. It works more when not using bluetooth.


  • Wi-Fi Connection strategy was changed.
  • Hidden SSID setting was removed. All Wi-Fi treat as hidden Wi-Fi.

Bug Fixes.

  • Fix Invalid LED(RED Keeps) for obniz BLE/Wi-Fi Gateway.
  • Fixed a bug in the plugin command transmission function.
  • plugin onlineFlg bug fixed.