Remote Air Conditioner Controller

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Control an air conditioner from your smartphone with obniz!

Put obniz + IR + temperature sensor to your home. You can control it from a browser on your Smartphone.


(*) These are included in IoT Home Kit.

How to make

Hardware connection

First, connect parts to an obniz like the table and the image below.

obniz parts
0 [IR Module] Vcc
1 [IR Module] send(IR LED anode)
2 [IR Module] recv(IR Receiver output)
3 [IR Module] GND(IR LED cathode)
7 [LM35DZ] GND
8 [LM35DZ] output
9 [LM35DZ] Vcc


Supply power to the obniz and run the program. The temperature measured by temperature sensor will be displayed.

Second, record your air conditioner’s signal for ON/OFF.

The example contains comment outed code for IR receiver. Remove the comment out and record your air conditioner’s ON/OFF signal. Your signal will be showed in log.

Put recorded data into the array of the infraredLed.send([]) at the “Program”(line 23).

    // your value for ON here.
   // your value for OFF here

At last, run the program again and push tap the “ON/OFF” button.