[Kids Project] Simple RC Car

Make things

Let’s make a simple RC car with an obniz and two DC Motors.


  • obniz Board
  • power supply for obniz
  • DC Motor and gearbox x2
  • RC car tire x2
  • wood or plastic for RC car foundation

How to make


First, build gearbox and motor. You can buy it at Toy Stores.

And fix it on the foundation like wood or plastic. It will be good that you make the foundation to fix an obniz and the battery.

on the back of RC car

Hardware connection

Connect DC Motors to the obniz Board like the table and the image below by referring to DC Motor Library. Please adjust the direction of the DC Motors properly, because rotation direction depends on the DC Motors’ direction.

obniz DC Motor
0 [left DC Motor] OUT1
1 [left DC Motor] OUT2
2 [right DC Motor] OUT2
3 [right DC Motor] OUT1

Supply power to the obniz and run the program below. Then, you can control the direction and the rotation of the RC car tires from operation screen like the image below.


To make motors rotate if you press the button, use .on() function of jQuery.

Detect if the buttons are pressed or not like below.

$("#lf").on('touchstart mousedown', ()=>{
$("#lf").on('touchend mouseup',()=>{