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Start making your machines IoT

1. For small quantity and large variations

Compared from millions of machines, In the situation of 1 to 1,000 machines and machines has different versions and variations It cost of IoT development doesn’t match to a business.

  • ex) Only five points of data is needed for managing plants
  • ex) Want to manage three different machines on same dashboard.
  • ex) Final design was not fixed. Want to keep customizing.

With obniz, Just connect sensors and machines to obnizOS installed devices. Then all development is cloud side. It makes IoT development more fast and low cost. Cloud software manage difference of hardwares. When you want to change something logics, you don’t need to go there. You can update logics on Cloud. No need to OTA. It will run immediately.

2. Save maintenance cost by controlling hardwares form Cloud.

obniz provide bi-directional and realtime controlling form the cloud at anytime you want. Remote control makes benefit for business.

  • ex) Reset a suspicious device remotely
  • ex) Change an angle and take a thermal image
  • ex) Start rotating of a fan automatically
  • ex) Send series of command via RS232C, RS485

If your router doesn’t have static IP, It doesn’t matter for obniz. With IoT, You can reduce a cost of maintenance by humans. And It improve customer experience.

3. Trial Production to Real Production.

obniz can be used for both trial production and real production. It’s development is very fast and easy but robust for production. You can use same software even if obnizOS installed device is different. obniz Cloud and obnizOS manage hardware difference. You can keep using same software.

At trial, you can use obniz Board to start. At production, choose more low-cost processor to use our cloud system by installing obnizOS to it.

Use Case of our customer

ThyssenKrupp Access japan start using obniz to make their stair lift IoT to monitor and manager devices remotely. Monitoring it’s battery voltage to predict battery life and see device errors and reset it’s device remotely.

Without IoT, A company need to go there without information what happening there. So It’s device information and remote maintenance keep support cost and improve customer experience.

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Getting Start

When you have development resource

obniz Top Page to see development instructions. obniz Board which include cloud license helps you to start development.

When you need a help to development

We have development partner companies in both hardware side and software side. We can hear what you need and introduce our partners. Feel free to contact us.