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obniz.js 2.0.0 / obniz firmware 2.0.0 released

New function and improvement was added to firmware 2.0.0
and firmware/obniz.js was released now! You can Install/use it from now.


new firmware 2.0.0 loose compatibility with obniz.js 1.X.X.
When you upgrade your obniz to 2.0.0, you need to update obniz.js to 2.0.0.
obniz.js 2.0.0 can connect to obniz which firmware is 1.X.X.

Current can connect to both version of firmware. But new features of 2.0.0 is not available with current

Api changes

Now websocket/REST full API can accept new features. see more detail at obniz.js document.

Especially behavior of reset_obniz_on_ws_disconnection was changed. The behavior to all connection to obniz cloud is changed.

Release Note

See these release note.

obniz firmware 2.0.0
obniz.js 2.0.0

The blow is copy of obniz.js 2.0.0 release note.

New Features

  • This can be used with obniz firmware 2.0.0<=.
  • io.animation now accept repeat and finished notification.
  • added connectionState property to get current connection state to an obniz.


  • change behavior of reset_obniz_on_ws_disconnection
  • a/d now getting more accurate result with obniz firmware 2.0.0

New Parts

Gas sensors

  • MQ-2 LPG, Propane and Hydrogen.
  • MQ-3 alcohol
  • MQ-4 CH4,Natural gas
  • MQ-5 LPG, natural gas , town gas
  • MQ-6 LPG, iso-butan, propan
  • MQ-7 carbon monoxide(CO)
  • MQ-8 Hydrogen
  • MQ-9 CH4,LPG
  • MQ-135 NH3,NOx, alcohol, Benzene, smoke,CO2


  • StepperMotor

Improved Parts

  • ArduCamMini now accept spi frequency/drive method update.

Deprecated Parts

  • AE_MIC