Release Information obnizOS,obnis.js,obniz-cli

Meet New obnizOS, obniz.js.
This release contains various stability improvements for Wi-Fi/BLE

And obniz-cli has new more readable UI.

obniz.js 3.10.0

– Feature

  • Add local connect mode
  • Accept serial code instead of obniz ID
  • Add BLE pairing failed callback setting
  • Add parts Blood pressure sensor (HEM9200T)

– Bug Fix

  • Fix js minimap not found error on browser
  • Fix peripheal xxxWait command never return when obniz second connection
  • Fix BLE error was ignored
  • Fix BLE advertisement keep coming regularly with or without found the advertisement after once come
  • Fix BLE duplicate option not affected
  • Fix BLE pairng setting was ignored depending on the timing

obnizOS 3.4.3

– Available OS

  • obnizOS for obniz Board ( hw=obnizb1 )
  • obnizOS for obniz Board 1Y ( hw=obnizb2 )
  • obnizOS for obniz BLE/Wi-Fi Gateway ( hw=encored )
  • obnizOS for CONNECT HUB Cellular Model ( hw=encored_lte )
  • obnizOS for BLE Stick ( hw=ble_stick )
  • obnizOS for M5StickC ( hw=m5stickc )
  • obnizOS for M5Stack Basic ( hw=m5stack_basic )
  • obnizOS for ATOM Lite ( hw=m5atom_lite )
  • obnizOS for ESP32 ( hw=esp32w or hw=esp32p )

– Hardwares

New OS for Hardwares

  • obnizOS for CONNECT HUB Cellular Model
  • obnizOS for BLE Stick
  • obnizOS for ATOM Lite

– Wi-Fi


  • Connection success rate.
  • Change Connection LED Status for representing more accurate state.
  • Security fix: Fixed AP switch to adjacent channel without disconnect (CVE-2020-12638)
  • Reduce time until wifi setting when some SSID/Passwords stored in a device.
  • Hide showing connection error while first trying.
  • Store SSID/Password from Setting via Browser when SSID specified.

Buf Fixes

  • Fix Setting via Browser never accept SSID and password space character.
  • Fix Status LED suddenly stop(red or blank) when connected sation removed from obniz Wi-Fi.
  • Fix reboot when no SSID found



  • Improve Communication Speed.
  • *Buf Fixes**
  • Fix Crash occures when under heavy communication.

– Cloud

Buf Fixes

  • Fix Fails authentication rarely.

– Peripheral


  • block spi1 use for M5StickC/ATOM Lite

obniz-cli 0.5.0

– New Features

  • 日本語ドキュメントの追加
  • --version added
  • beta tester now can flash beta OS
  • Change UI. Showing only progress and important informations. logs output when failed.
  • serial token bind function for manufacturer(CmbairnRobotics Partners).
  • DeviceKey writing now retry 3 times.
  • os:list now also print available hardwares. not only versions for single hardware.
  • os:config-via-wifi added for wireless obniz device configuration around your machine.

– Bug Fixes

  • Fix you may be asked to signing on cloud because of domain issue
  • Fix using created obnizID (recovery) option ‘no’ not affected.